April 18, 2014

Selfish Sewing Week is Coming!! Apr 28 - May 3

Get ready to sew for SSW!!  Selfish Sewing Week, by Imagine Gnats, will be hosted on Kollabora this year, and it's right around the corner.

Running from April 28th - May 3rd, Selfish Sewing week will include featured stitchers reviewing several indie patterns, and there will also be a pattern giveaway (one of my patterns included!)

If you want to learn about what Selfish Sewing Week is, and follow along for all of the updates go here to Imagine Gnats.  There is even a cool free printable Calendar to download for the event!


Tell Me About YOUR Bag Zippers Please!!

I'm doing a bit of research to see what are the most popular zipper colours, because I am "formulating" (mwa-ha-haa!) a plan towards stocking some zippers that will be geared specifically towards bag making. Quality bag zippers seem to be quite hard to find for me locally, and I really have had quite a lot of requests from my lovely customers.

But where to start?  Colours, sizes, pull styles, teeth styles?  It's a bit confusing and it seems that this zipper thing is an all or nothing kind of thing.  I just can't have a few, but if I'm going to start somewhere, I need to start small and therefore I need to stock exactly what you want and need, but on a reasonable scale.

So this week I had a small giveaway/contest on the Emmaline facebook page and commenters had to tell me what colour zippers they most like to use on their bags and wallets.  I was not surprised in the love of Red, Black, Grey and White, but I have to say I was surprised at the purple & pink!

It should be noted that the pink, grey, red and brown include different shades and GEEZE what does Aqua, Turquoise and Teal mean to you, because they seem to look different to different people!

1)  I'd love to hear what your fave colours would be if you were limited it a few colours.

2)  I'd love to hear what SIZE your zippers would need to be. I'm am probably going to have matching #3 zippers (dress size) for internal zipper pockets, and #5 zippers for bag openings, but I am concerned about lengths of zippers the most.  What is your favourite length for your internal pocket (8" or 9"?) AND if you were to choose a couple of basic zipper lengths that you could cut down to size to fit your bag openings, what would they be:

A)  14"
B)  20"
C)  22"
D)  24"
E)  Another Length
F)  Zippers by the yard/meter

Now... zipper pulls are a whole other story!!  As some of you know, I stock my own zipper pull designs, so those are a given... but what about another choice!  Nickel, Antique Brass, Painted enamel to match the zip?  What do you like??

Tell me about your zippers please!  I need some comments here!


April 9, 2014

$20.00 Store Credit Giveaway CONTEST CLOSED

I hope you aren't sick of my blog posts today, because this is a good one!!

I had a great time giving away a bunch of metal zipper pulls and labels on my facebook page last week, so I decided to giveaway something again this week.  I might have to make it a regular weekly thing.  what do you think?

Here's what I have to offer today:


Make sure you go to my facebook page and FIND THIS PHOTO today.  Simply comment on the photo, telling me what your favourite sewing notion is to enter.  I will draw from the comments tomorrow a.m. 8:00, MST.

Good luck!!



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